Tuesday, July 07, 2015 
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  The Mission of the Friends of the Herbarium (FOH) is to secure support for and enrich the collections and operations of the UM Herbarium. The FOH was founded in 1995 to provide advocacy and fund raising for the well being of the UM Herbarium. Since its inception, FOH has purchased 17 new cabinets and provided an honorarium for a volunteer to work part-time in the herbarium.

  A current goal is to computerize the Herbarium, making record keeping, data inquiries, and label-making more efficient and accurate for Herbarium users. The Montana Native Plant Society provides annual financial support to FOH. Membership in the Friends of the Herbarium is $15 for two years, and includes the annual newsletter.

  The newsletter reports on the little known history of the Herbarium collections, including interesting contributing botanists from the past and present, and updates on ongoing activities. Please consider joining.
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